Saturday, May 27, 2006

First Blog

Well, this is my first time posting on here about this deployment, i plan on making this about nothing butme and my deployment, so i hope you all enjoy this, cause i am. I am Aviation Electrician's Mate Airman Zach Taylor. I'm from all over, i'm an Army brat, i claim Texas as my home. My unit, HS-15 out of Jacksonville, fl was tasked with assisting the Army over a year ago with their Air Ambulance Mission out here in Kuwait, so from then until now, my squadron, along with two other squadrons from the west Coast have been training to fly these missions in accordance with the Army regs.; alot of work for a normally sea going unit coming off a 6 month cruise to do. We split the squadron up into two groups, A Det A and a Det B. So with the Det A guys are leaving soon, and me and my Det B bretheren are taking over right now. The mission is not a hard one, just high profile it's a big thing I guess in D.c. But not so much with the guys, it's not quite our cup of tea if you understand what i mean, we don't necessarily mind going to sea for six months or so, but this desert stuff ain't quite up our alley, so it's been a bit of a transition. We're conforming though. Out here though,(Camp Buehrhing) there's not always alot to do at work. We usually have 2 flights a day if we don't have any medevacs, and we usually don't. I've been here two weeks now and we haven't had one yet. So me and the other guys usually kill time by playing LAN games here in our Shops, and having spades tourneys, play alot of basketball, working out, or sleeping the time away. Sleeping seems to be the most popular past-time so far. But so far things have been okay, we are all fine and healthy, ready to pull someone out if need be and have him taken care of, which is what we're here for, so for now, i'm done till tomorrow hopefully, when i guess i'll write some more about what i do more specifically. Well, for now, good afternoon to those inteh states, and good morning to those on my side of the world.


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